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Anne's Lesson Availability

Because of security it is not possible to book a lesson on this page.  You can however review Anne's diary and determine her availability in the calendar above.  To book a lesson you have to perform the following steps:


  1. If you do not already have one, you need to create a Google calendar account.  Go to  Creating an account is free.  If Google promises you an email message confirming you have set up your account but you don’t receive this email, check your spam filter (some students have had a problem with the confirmation email getting blocked by their spam filter).
  2. When you have opened your account, please contact Anne at saying which email address you used to open your Google calendar account.  Anne will then share the ‘Anne Marsden Thomas’ calendar with you and Google will send you an email to confirm that she has done so.  This email from Google will include a link to the calendar you have requested.  Click on this link, and your screen will display this calendar.
  3. On the top right hand side of the screen select 'Day'.  On the left of the screen you can see a small calendar; left-click on the day you wish to book.  The large calendar will display that day. 
  4. The coloured areas indicate time that has already been booked.  Any of the white areas are available for booking.
  5. Click on the time you want and a box will appear.
  6. Next to "What:" type your name.
  7. Now you have a choice.  If you just want one hour, click the "Create Event" button.  This saves your one-hour booking and displays it so others can see it on the calendar.  
  8. If you want more than one hour, click on "Edit event details".  A new page will appear.  Complete the page as appropriate, and click the "Save" button.  This saves your booking and displays it so others can see it on the calendar.
  9. Check that your booking appears on the calendar.  If it does not, these are the possible reasons:
    1. You may have forgotten to save it, in which case you should return to paragraph 9.
    2. You may have saved it to your own personal calendar.  Always note the colour of your entry on your calendar – is it the same as the other bookings on the church calendar?
  10. If you have access to both “St. Giles Practice (South) Organ” and “Anne Marsden Thomas” check that your booking appears on the correct calendar as it is easy to confuse the two calendars.
  11. Please await confirmation of your lesson booking.  This should arrive within 24 hours.  If you do not receive such a confirmation this may mean that your lesson has not been accepted, in which case please email or telephone 07785 533799.
  12. You should receive an email reminder the day before your lesson.  Again, email or telephone 07785 533799 if you have any doubt about whether your lesson will be going ahead.
  13. In future, to find the calendar, open Google, look along the options on the upper left side of the screen, and click on ‘more’.  Then click on ‘calendar’.     

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